Matchbooks aren’t just for smokers! They are the most collected item in America today; think about it, you probably have a book or two in a drawer somewhere, right? Imagine your advertising living in your customers’ kitchen or bathroom for less than a nickel a piece; that’s cheaper than some business cards! Available in tons of eye-catching color schemes and customizable on all sides, these useful handouts have been a marketing staple for more than 100 years.

For such a low price, you’d expect an imported product, but you’d be wrong! Our high-quality matchbooks are made by skilled pressmen right here in the USA, printed and bound in cases of 2,500 books. They’re perfect for restaurants, bars, businesses with a retro or vintage vibe, cigar and smoke shops (obviously) or even just as an offbeat handout to your clients.

If you need a different style, quantity, or a custom color imprint, get in touch and let us know. A custom quote is easy and fast, and you’ll be impressed with our quality and speed. Need help designing artwork for your matches? No problem! We are graphic design professionals as well, and our rates are reasonable even on a complete re-design.


1 Case (2,500 books), 2 Cases (5,000 books), 4 Cases (10,000 books)

Paper and Ink Colors

Black on White, Green on White, Red on White, Blue on White, Purple on White, White on Green, White on Black, White on Red, White on Blue, White on Purple, Red on Black, Gray on Burgundy, Beige on Brown, Yellow on Black, Black on Red, Burgundy on Grey, Brown on Beige, Black on Yellow, Red on Yellow, Assortment, Black on Red, White, Yellow, Blue and Green, Assortment, Red, White, Yellow, Blue and Green on Black

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